Who We Are


Proscenium was established in 2001 as an alternative to other educational tour organisers. Founded by an educator rather than a travel agent, Proscenium has always believed that travel should provide an in depth, individualised and unique cultural experience – whether it be a 3 week study tour, or just a day out! A cursory, mass produced travel experience is just NOT good enough.

At Proscenium we believe a slower more measured pace and an itinerary that is relevant to your curriculum will make the most rewarding experience for your students. Therefore extra care and time is taken to provide you and your group a “local’s” experience with all its cultural touches.


Since our early beginnings, we have been involved in the sphere of higher education. University professors, their students and college study abroad programmes know they can trust Proscenium to deliver an excellent product. Among these clients we are known for our professionalism, our flexibility and most importantly, for giving students that something extra that leaves an indelible impression that really does make the experience last a lifetime.


Susannah Kyte, managing director of Proscenium is originally from California, and first came to England in 1992 to study at Oxford for a year abroad. While attending university, she met her husband and moved to England, where she has lived permanently since 1995.

Before founding Proscenium, Susannah taught English literature, history and drama. After seven years, she realised she wanted to combine her passion for education with her love of travel, and so she started Proscenium, an educational tour company that took the education part seriously.

Susannah realised that the most exciting learning and travel experiences were about connections – taking current knowledge and expanding these lessons to the larger world. Therefore, personal dialogue with educators became the starting point for every tour and continued until the day of departure.

It is now 2013, and we are proud to say this personalised attention to detail still exists and it is our quality, flexibility and individuality that keep our clients coming back for more!