Group Section

Students from all over the world find our tours informative and entertaining. They really appreciate the opportunity we give them to explore places that they would find difficult to discover on their own.  But don’t just take our word for it.  Here are some comments participants have made about our tours.

“Fab tour! Absolutely loved it.  I thought it was the perfect blend of information and entertainment… your guides truly were brilliant. The time spent touring was just right and we had time to go out on our own a bit as well.”
Haley Shaw, University of Kansas

“I was so appreciative that Proscenium was flexible and made the tour exactly how I wanted it.”
Diane Landis, Group Leader

“The tour guides were so awesome!  I saw all the good stuff that would have taken me forever to find by myself.  The guides were incredibly friendly and that really counts when you’re in a new place!”
Erin Corbett, Shippensburg University

“Thank you so much for a wonderful trip to Paris. We had a truly memorable time and we all fell in love with this beautiful city. You guys did a fab job organising it and the guide was so interesting and knowledgeable. The organised walks allowed us to see places we would never have found on our own.”
Sue Silk, International Student Advisor

“The guides were great!  They were hilarious, fountains of information and full of great suggestions. We couldn’t have asked for better!”
Heather Milner, Wittenburg University

“I cannot believe how much we were able to do in just 10 days. The professionalism and efficiency of the guides and Proscenium was perfect.”
Jennifer Pasko, Group Leader

“The places we saw were amazing, the country side breathtaking, as were the historical facts that the areas had seen is their history…”
Andrea Quattrin, Universita Di Trieste

“I really enjoyed the tour because we didn’t just learn about the big cities,
but the towns and everything in between.”
Derek Powers, Elon University

“The guides were friendly and entertaining and the end of the trip trivia was fabulous.  A nice break from the city!”
Meghan Walters, Tufts-in-London

“The tour was very enjoyable because of all the interesting and beautiful places we visited. Rich in history, it provided a most memorable experience.”
Yajai Bunnag, Exchange Student

“I really appreciated the variety of excursions provided on the tour!  I feel like I got a well rounded experience…from Roman ruins to castles to everyday life and the countryside.”
Elizabeth Edwards, University of Puget Sound