Group Discounts

Places on Scheduled Tours

Discounts are available if you book 10 or more students on one of our regularly scheduled tours. The standard discounted rate is 8% per place booked. This is a great option for organisations who would like to offer tours as part of their package but have limited numbers of students.

Tours Exclusively for your Group

This is the perfect solution for organisations with larger student numbers. If your organisation would like to book tours for your students where numbers are guaranteed and exclusively for your group (e.g. the tour is part of their programme), then the tour will be discounted by our standard rate of 8% for groups of 35 plus.  Minimum group size 26. (See below for more information.)


Our standard prices apply to groups of 26 or more.  If you are booking more than 35 passengers then prices are negotiable but generally a discount of 8% will be offered.  Discounted rates only apply where Proscenium invoices your organisation for the entire group and does not need to process individual bookings.

If you would like a customised tour for your group that is not on our standard tour/price list, we will provide a price specifically for your tour. This will be the best price available according to your group size and therefore, is not subject to additional discounts.


Social Programmes/Orientation Programmes

Proscenium also provides tours which may be sold onto your students as part of your organisations social or orientation programme. These are generally booked as a series or selection of events and are booked as “packages”. Proscenium will provide a price for this “package” which is usually a series of events or an extended tour specifically for your group. Discounts will be given according to estimated participation and the number of tours that form the social programme.