International Students

Social Programmes & Excursions

Proscenium specialises in cultural tours for students, universities, and study abroad programmes. A perfect blend of fun, flexibility and exploration, each of our tours is as unique as the group travelling.

Do international students like to travel and learn more about the culture that is on their doorstop? Do you think cultural excursions are an important part of your students’ experience abroad? Of course, the answer to both these questions is YES. So, take advantage of our experience and let Proscenium do the work for you.

Proscenium employs experienced professional guides, is fully insured and uses safe, reliable transport so that you know your students will be take care of and the students will thank YOU for a great time!

That is why universities and study abroad organisations work with Proscenium to provide their students a full range of welcome activities, day trips, and weekend tours.

Have a closer look and see what Proscenium can do for your organisation to make the study abroad experience even more enriching.