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1. What is the name of the course(s) you will you be teaching? (Or what is the academic focus of your programme?)
2. What country/countries would you like to take students to?
3. Please list any specific excursions, academic visits or local tourist attractions that you would like included in your programme.
4. How long would you like the programme to be?
5. When do you anticipate you will be travelling? (Month & year)
6. Do you have specific dates in mind?
7. How many faculty will be accompanying the group?
8. How many students do you estimate will participate?
9. Do you need classroom space and if so, how many days/hours?
10. Do you have a preference for housing for yourself and for the students?
11. What meals do you require? (e.g. generally we include breakfast, but would you like a Welcome Dinner, Farewell dinner, any other meals?)
12. When will you be able to begin promoting this programme? (Month, year)
13. What is the estimated deadline for students to sign up for the course/programme? (Month, year)
14. Have you travelled with a group before?
15. If yes, where did you go and how long ago?
16. Any other comments, or requests?