Why Proscenium?

We offer perfect combination of flexibility and peace of mind… Top 5 reasons to use Proscenium as your service provider:

1. Flexibility

There is nothing packaged about Proscenium’s services. Every study tour we offer is unique to the institution, the academic objectives, the students and the requirements of the faculty.  From inception to realisation, we work with the client and consider every detail.

2. Support

Hopefully, everything will go according to plan during your academic course abroad, but what if it doesn’t? Proscenium offers full on the ground support when the unexpected happens.

3. Time is money

Your office is probably a very busy place – and if you are like most people in the current economic environment, you could use another pair or hands, but the budget just doesn’t allow for it. So let Proscenium be your extra pair of hands. We will do all the footwork at the fraction of the cost of hiring another member of staff!

4. Trust the experts

The faculty members at your university are experts in their field. So are we, so leave the logistics to us.

5. Price

Sometimes people assume that using a service provider will be more expensive than working directly with suppliers. This is not the case. Often we receive discounts on housing, transport, meals, entrance fees and a whole host of other ground services. All of these savings are passed onto you.  More importantly, our expertise will help you and your faculty determine the most cost effective way to deliver your academic programme whilst you are abroad.