What we do

If you are planning a study tour anywhere in Europe, Proscenium is here to help.

Proscenium provides accommodation and transport as well as co-ordinating all on-site visits and specialist guides in a variety of academic disciplines.

To make the best use of Proscenium services we recommend you employ Proscenium on an all inclusive basis. However, if you would us only to make some of the arrangements, that is also fine with us.


Excursions and Site Visits

Your itinerary is sure to include visits to museums, cultural attractions, local businesses and/or any other site visits. We will make all these arrangements for you. We will also arrange talks with local experts and local guides who have that special cultural and academic knowledge that is specific to your group and academic objectives.


Due to the nature of their programmes, the majority of the universities we work with prefer hotels for housing during their stay. However, you may also choose from academic housing, hostels or homestays according to availability, budget and the objectives of your programme.


We will make all transport arrangements for you including airport transfers, rail tickets, metro tickets (in the case of utilizing public transport), and coach services for excursions and any other transport your itinerary may require.  When arranging transport, we will consider budget, the size of the group and convenience to make the best use of what transport choices are available.

Classroom Space

Where required, Proscenium will arrange classroom/meeting space as well as any equipment rental required by lecturers and faculty. (Please note this may not be available in all locations.)


In most cases, breakfast will be included with your housing/accommodation. We will also include a “welcome” and “farewell” dinner as a standard part of your itinerary.  If you would like any additional meals we will arrange as many or as few as your budget and schedule allows for.



Proscenium has in-country staff and contacts throughout Europe to support your programme. However, if you would like additional support you may request that a member of Proscenium staff accompany your faculty throughout the duration of your programme. Either way, Proscenium will ensure that you are greeted in country by a member of our staff for an onsite orientation, so you can get off to the right start.


Provided that your group is departing from the same city, and that there are at least 10 of you travelling on the same date, we can arrange group airfare for the individuals travelling.

Travel Insurance

Your organisation will also be given the option of arranging your travel insurance with Proscenium, as provided by our recommended insurance provider. This travel insurance includes coverage for baggage delays, passport replacement, and 24/7 travel assistance worldwide. However, if you have a preferred insurance provider, we are happy for you to make your own travel insurance.